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Good Deeds and A Wasp on the Side!

Ok, Christmas is closing in and as much as I am or am not a practising Catholic, I live in a country that is one. And with it comes all these social events promoting many ways to do good deeds this coming yuletide season.
Ever since I was a kid studying in a catholic school, they always have these redundant activities wherein bottomline is that you end up giving either money or canned goods old toys and the like to lesser fortunate kiddos.

The same happened just last Sunday, Nov. 20th.. But this was different in many ways.

Called the MAP Toy Run. Organized by the Motorcycle Association of the Philippines, it’s aim is to get bikers together for a good cause by “bribing” them to bring a toy to be donated to charity and in exchange you get free donuts, coffee and the wonderful experience of being able to ride on the local freeway, the SLEX!

Hmm.. I get to ride my wasp on a cool sunday morning, get free food and drinks and get to ride the SLEX! Perfet! And all I need to do is wake up early and bring an old toy. I’m in I said to myself.. I don’t care about the coffee and donuts, I only want to ride the expressway..

So there I was, one of the early birds in the event(I was so early, I got a shirt- and only the first 100 participants get one ok!) though I wasn’t the first wasp. A friend, Jong was there ahead of me with a big plastic toy strapped to his wasp. We both dropped off our toys in the “deposit your toy here lady”, registered and we got set. Raring to go, it was early, nice weather- slightly gloomy but no sign of rain or even a drizzle. Perfect for riding.

After about an hour, we were seven wasps, with a back-up car (thanks to Euna). Assmebly was going on and we were getting ready to go. This is it, time to ride. SLEX here we come..

C5 then just a few minutes later the coveted SLEX. So many bikes, I’d say in the thousand. Complete with police escorts and many other biker groups as volunteers, it was posed to be a safe ride, and it was. But it wasn’t perfect, with all the police and highway patrol escorts plus the volunteer escorts, the ride was quick on the SLEX, I’m guessing only a good 30 mins or so and we were in our destination already. Boy, it was fast-riding. Safe, organized and fast. And that’s the bummer part. But we got there safely for all bikers and if there is anyone there above us who had a hand in this, kudos to you.

Once we got the small waspy group that we were there, we picked a parking slot, relaxed a little, had hotdog sandwiches from the local vendors, had our picture taking in the place and with “Biker Santa” and the event was over.
Over for the ride, over for the excitement. Then they distribute the toys and then there’s a new feeling.

End of the event, us riders made a few kids very happy with their toys. A toy that didn’t even matter to me as much cause I was in it for the ride. But the tables have turned. The ride was dissapointing cause it was fast and over quicker than a TV show. But the kids would hopefully be ever thankful that guys with their bikes and with only free coffee, donuts and a right to brag that they drove on the SLEX participated in an event for them.

Early seasons greeting to all..

Article by Louie Fong.
Originally posted in TheVespaLife.Com
November 23, 2005

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