Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Handling an On Saddle Off Day

Going to work this morning started out normal. Ordinary preparations before getting on my Vespa GT. Start the engine, make sure that it warms up nicely, since the weather’s been cloudy lately. Put on the gear, store the stuff in the compartment. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But as I started my ride to work, something was off. I couldn’t put a finger on what it was. Something just didn’t feel right. Recognizing these signs, I decided to take a more leisurely approach to my daily commute. Easing off just a tad earlier on the throttle than usual, and braking just a split second earlier. There were several instances of “near-misses” which were avoided today, I think they’d be better off called a “near-miss-miss”. A truck suddenly turning into it’s garage, an oil spill in the middle of the street, an open manhole, another motorcycle rider coming down from the sidewalk (yup, he was ON the sidewalk) and other “incidents” were suddenly easily avoidable and became mere annoyances on the road.

Anyone who has spent decent time on the road knows what I’m talking about. There are days when you feel that it’s just not there, and these are the days where we have to practice extra care and extra caution and proceed with a bit more patience. Having an off day doesn’t necessarily mean getting off the saddle, it might just mean take that extra second think and think again.

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