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Hot in the City

Vespinoy\'s Hot Sweaty Shirt

With summer just about to end, I find it a little bit odd that things have started to really heat up lately. Rain has been steadily falling in the afternoons and you hope that will cool down the rest of the day or at least cool down the city to make the heat of the next afternoon arrives. But no, it’s been really hot lately and I have been forced to bring a couple of extra shirts to work to change my sweaty (literally dripping wet) shirt lest I catch pneumonia.

This is the first time in a long while that I’ve found the need to bring extra clothing. I have been able to handle heat pretty well for quite a while but I guess the added humidity has made the conditions just right for profuse sweating. Hay carramba.

So, a word of advise to the urban warrior, bring a shirt, you’re gonna need it.

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