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How to do 1100 kms in 19 hours on a Vespa GTSie

Got this off the Vespinoy forum. A detailed recount of how Corinne aka silver2tone accomplished her feat during the Petron Econo Run held last week.
Photo from MCP

Corinne at the finish line in Baguio City
Photo from buangayam of MCP

I will now reveal my secret on how I managed to pull this off, finishing with the 1200cc’s BMW’s on this econo-endurance race sponsored by Petron and AMDG. Some on this forum might want to try it, and they could benefit from the preparation I did for this race.

I couldn’t have done it if I did not sit down with Nani at 2211 and made a plan. It did not take long because when we made this plan I had the following information:
1. Allowed fuel stops, distances between them
2. Fuel capacity of the GTS
3. Approximate number of kms before the fuel warning light goes on
4. Approximate fuel mileage (in kms/per liter) for city, and long rides

This was exciting for me and Nani, because it was a math thing. To me, it was an optimization problem with two objectives:
1. Finish the course in the least time (minimize time)
2. Finish the course using the least amount of fuel possible (maximize fuel efficiency)
It was impossible to achieve both objectives. If you minimize time, you sacrifice fuel efficiency. If you maximize fuel efficiency, you sacrifice time. In the point system presented by AMDG, it seemed as if time was more important than fuel efficiency. But realizing this was incorrect, changed it later on.

It is absolutely important that you do not run out of fuel and that you only refuel at participating Petron stations.

Nani gave me my plan for fuel stops:
1. Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya – based on ride info, 230 kms from start
*actual mileage during the race: 258 kms from start
2. Tugegarao, Cagayan or even Alcala, Cagayan (48 kms farther)
3. Bangui, Ilocos Norte
4. Candon, Ilocos Sur
Aside from my planned fuel stops there were two other required stops set by AMDG:
1. Ilagan, Isabela (get your passport signed)
2. Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte (lunch)

Aside from this refueling plan, I had time goals to meet:
1. 7AM – Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya
2. 11AM – Tugegarao, Cagayan
3. 3PM – Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte
4. 730PM – La Union
5. 9PM – Baguio Finish Line

I wanted to finish the race in 18 hours because AMDG set a goal of 17.5 hours for Class 4.

In the next post, I will tell you how I did in meeting these time goals and if I followed the refueling stops as set by Nani.

3rd Place Woot!

Corinne and friend at the awarding ceremonies. Of course Vespinoy was there (the shirt at least).

Race Statistics:
1. Take-off time 315 AM with a full fuel tank.
2. Unplanned restroom stop at Sta. Fe, NE (time lost 10 mins)
3. Fuel stop at Aritao, NV, on schedule, loaded 7.55 L
Left ride buddies at Solano, NV..proceeded at a faster rate towards Isabela. Encountered detour to Echauge. Lost time AND fuel.
4. Required stop at Ilagan, Isabela (30-40 mins off time goals already). Unplanned refuel 5L (I wasn’t sure if I will still make it Tugegarao in terms of fuel)
5. Bypass Tugegarao fuel stop, 45 mins behind from 11AM ideal time at this stop
Gets off-course, 30KMS and 30 mins lost. Travel faster (up to 135kph at some stretches to recover lost time)
6. Refuel at Ballesteros, Cagayan 7.3L
Slow down at Claveria and Sta. Praxedes due to rain, wet roads and road construction.
7. Refuel at Bangui (failure to do so will result to empty somewhere in Ilocos Norte) 310 PM 4.2L
8. Required lunch stop at Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte 4PM – 1 hour delayed
9. Refuel at Candon, Ilocos Sur 720 PM 5.9L
10. Baguio Finish Line 1015 PM 4.6L

My trip odometer read approximately 1130kms at the finish line, with total fuel consumption of approximately 34.5L.

It is absolutely necessary to go with a plan and try to stick to it. If you are late, speed up to recover time. If you are one time, travel at constant speed to maximize fuel economy.
I knew my physical limitations and I did not desire to travel for 24 hours. In assessing my resources, I knew that I will sacrifice fuel economy to arrive faster. I knew, that I will not exceed the upper limit of 39L, for Class 4, to complete the course. I can go as fast as I want and not worry about it.
Some people might think that this was just a simple race against time. But I beg to disagree. The faster rider (that’s me in my class) did not win. But I was not willing to travel slower and longer just to win on points. I finished the course exactly in the manner I wanted to.

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