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I love the smell of 2t in the morning!

With most people shifting to 4 stroke bikes the availability of 2 stroke oils has suddenly become an issue.  I used to use, excluively, Motul 600 Fully synthetic oils but I believe that has been outdated already and is no longer available in the local market (I would love to be proven wrong).  We can alway try the 2 Stroke oils in the gas station but, for something that we buy once a month, I think it would be better not to scrimp on this.  Not to say that these oils are bad, these are fine and will work on our machines, heck sewing machine oils would work on a  Vespa, in a pinch.

Now I ask, what 2 Stroke oil do you use?

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  1. Abet Rana

    kung ano ilagay ng mekaniko sa tune up. hehe. If during out-of-town rides, kung ano available sa gasolinahan. di pihikan si Pyke. :D

  2. jojo f. hosaka

    Since Motul 600 left the market been using Repsol Moto 2T Competicion.

  3. kennonballer

    elf moto 2xt tech

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