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LS2 FF386 High Visibility

Not being a modular helmet fan, I was hesitant at first to do a review of the LS2 FF386 helmets, specially since none of the past modular helmets, of ANY brand, seem to fit me properly.

But when Motoworld announced that they had the FF386 in High Visibility Yellow, I had to give it a try. I am a big fan of high visibility helmets. I believe they’re the best thing on the road to get seen, specially at night. I make it a point to always purchase light colored helmets and these were as light as you can get them.


High Visibility. Enough said. These babies are LOUD! You can be seen a good hundred meters away, even at night. The color works as advertised. Though they do come with a disclaimer about how the color may degrade when constantly exposed to heat/sunlight, I think that’s a small price to pay for the added safety to the rider. Besides you can always exclusively use it at night. Haha.

Shape and fit:

One of the reasons I’ve been partial to LS2 helmets was its shape. I have a big noggin so it’s quite hard for me to get a great fitting helmet. LS2 helmets have been quite easy to fit, save for a few models which I just cannot catch a break on. The LS2 full face helmets have a really comfortable on me and has been my staple helmet for my club’s long rides . The FF386 however was a revelation. As I mentioned before, modular helmets have a tendency to be small, and this model was no exception. I was given the largest size XXL which suprisingly fit quite well, albeit a bit tight on the jaw. A few adjustments to the cheeks and the helmet was a perfect fit. One problem did arise though when I tried to fit in my communication system. The Parrot SK4000 uses thick speakers which produce an awesome sound. But the ear recesses of the LS2 FF386 just could not accommodate the speakers of the Parrot. No fault of the helmet though, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to replace my bluetooth communicator to ordinary hands-free units in a ride.

Visor and Sun Visor:

The visor of the FF386 is crystal clear. No distortions and no difficulty in the mechanism. The first notch is still a bit too open but it’s just really a matter of personal preference. The Sun Visor is great as well. The button for the visor was easy to work and could be engaged/disengaged on the fly. I also like the size of the inner visor. It covers a big part of the riders face, including the cheeks which are usually exposed to the sun under direct sunlight. Another small but significant plus for me.


Ventilation on the FF386 is great. At medium to high speed the vents work like a charm. On the way up to Mt. Data in the Mountain Province, the weather was cooooooold, not once did the helmet fog up even though I had the visor shut. Another nice feature of this helmet is the collar. The collar on the FF386 does not allow any sort of airflow come in under the chinbar as well as any part of the helmet. This is great because it does keep the noise level down and prevents sudden bursts of wind blowing toward your eyes. Wind noise in modular helmets are unavoidable. The flip up mechanism just gives the wind too many cracks and crevices to sneak into, specially at high speed. Not a big problem below 100kph. Above it, you might want to use ear plugs, which you really should be using in the first place.

Other Items:

The Micrometric retention system is quickly becoming my favorite. These things just work. Easy to adjust, easy to put on, easy to release. They might not be the best for on track use (Double-D’s are still king) but for everyday use, these are tops.

Weight is not an issue. All Modular helmets are a bit on the beefy side and this one is no different. You do get used to it quickly though. I had no problem with the weight of the FF386 on our 12 hour trip up the mountains.


Modular helmets have come a long way since they were first introduced. The mechanisms have improved making them a lot safer and easier to use. The FF386 is a great modular helmet with tons of features you find in more expensive helmets. The build quality is top notch, the optics are ultra clear and add to that, it comes in High Visibility Yellow and you’ve got yourself a fantastic all around helmet you can use for any occasion.

Technical Specifications

Shell: Painted HPTT (high pressure thermoplastic technology) resin

Number of shells: 1 shell size

Ventilation system: Front air intakes-rear extractors

Fabrics: Dry comfort with hygienic treatment

Inside padding: Removable and washable

Visor: Clear and anti-scratch polycarbonate 3D shield

Twin visor: Drop down sunglasses

Retention system: Quick release buckle

Shield mecanism: QR2S shield replacement without tools

Certification: ECE 22.05 certification.

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