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Makati Bans Backriders

From Motorcycle Philippines.

In another attempt to minimize crimes and accidents on the streets of Manila’s financial capital, Makati has decided to use carpet bombing measures instead of surgical strikes. Much like the hair-brained attempt by another politician in another city in the Metro, all bikers are now penalized because of the incompetence of local law enforcers.

(full article shall be posted below since Philstar.Com does not keep an archive of it’s articles)

Magka-angkas sa motorsiklo, ipagbabawal sa Makati

Ang Pilipino STAR Ngayon 11/09/2006

Dahil sa sunod-sunod na holdapan at aksidente na sangkot ang mga naka-motor, planong ipagbawal sa lungsod ng Makati ang magka-angkas na nakasakay sa mga motorsiklo at aarestuhin ang mga ito. Ito ang pinag-aaralan ngayon ng pamahalaang lungsod na ipatupad sa ilalim ng isang ordinansa.

Ito ay dahil na rin sa nagaganap na serye ng panghoholdap na ang mga sangkot ay magkakaangkas. Bukod dito tumaas din ang insidente ng aksidente na ang sangkot ay pawang nakasakay sa motorsiklo. (Lordeth Bonilla)

English (Translation by MCP)
Because of the rise of incidents of crimes and accidents that involve motorcylces, the city of Makati is planning to ban backriding and arrest those who violate it. This city ordinance is now under review by the city council.

So, what’s next? Ban motorcycles? I wouldn’t be surprised.

5 Responses to “Makati Bans Backriders”

  1. kitty says:

    wow, crime is directly proportional to backriding! i was not aware that i was contributing to the rising level of crime in makati. ahy, ang kwan!!

  2. kapemuna says:

    mcp should do something about this.

  3. maribel says:

    nsan n ung event nung last week ung sa shangri-la?

  4. scootriska says:

    The banner “Makati Bans Backriders” implies that a ban already exists but the title and text from the Ang Pilipino STAR Ngayon article only states that there is a plan to ban backriders. I hope the plan does not materialize. Or has it already?

  5. jack says:

    almost happened to me about an hour ago, the guy actualy took a U turn turned his light off and came up on the path, im pretty sure he had a gun, if we whee a few paces back he would have taken the opportunity, but we where getting closer to security and he saw i was ready for it, i should have reported him straight away but i was in a state of panic. we kinda did the stare at each other after for slow motion intervals thing. someones gonna get it tonight.

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