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Manila Vintage Scooter Scene

Historia Manila

Stumbled upon this excellent picture of the scooter scene in Manila Baguio back in the 60’s. I guess they were no different from us, minus the funky hats of course.

View more of these from Pinascoot’s blog entry here. And see the discussion on the board here.

If any of you have vintage scooter photos that you want published here please email them to vespinoy(at)gmail(dot)com.

2 Responses to “Manila Vintage Scooter Scene”

  1. Edmund Umali says:

    Hi Bimbo! Thanks for posting the pic. Loves it!

    This pic was taken in Baguio, though. The son of one of the riders pictured above told me this was one of thier dad’s long rides. I wonder if they used helmets those days.

  2. Bimbo says:

    Thanks for the correction Edmund! I’ll update the post!!

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