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Me wants this…..

Vespa GT60

The Vespa GT60 has combined the technology of the future with design cues from the original vintage era. It’s stunning, unique looks are sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Not only a stylish way to get around town, the Vespa GT60 will be a valuable investment for the future as a distinguished collector’s item.

Arrrgh, knowing full well that this will not be available here in the Philippines, I promptly reach for my soda and flatulate in the General direction of Italy. Grrrrrrr.

5 Responses to “Me wants this…..”

  1. jbo says:

    be careful wot you ask for!!!!

    heard that the ‘blue’ group may bring in a unit, also the lx anniversary edition

    pero an arm, a leg, an internal organ ang presyo

  2. James Alivio says:

    What a beautiful lass!If we aint seing her in Philippine soil, I just have to contend with my 98 PX150E then. By the way, her name is BIANCA! Ooops by the way, you guys know any service mechanic/center/shops here in CEBU? Desperately looking for someone in this queen city of the south to service my BIANCA for SPA treatments :)Thanks

  3. Bimbo says:

    Hi James,
    Actually the GT60 is available here in the country, but on a per order basis, and let me assure you, they’re not cheap. Also the LX60 will also be available here but only on the same per order basis.

  4. How much is it really?

  5. Looks great! I wonder if they have one here?

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