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My kind of MP3!!

Motorcycle Philippines

Finally a successor to the Piaggio Ape. The workhorse of many a laundry and delivery services in and around the city.

The Piaggio MP3 just screams hi-technology from the people who gave us the venerable scooter which has basically remained unchanged since 1946, the Vespa.

The two front wheels of the PIAGGIO MP3 re-define the very concept of ride stability to provide an unprecedented riding experience.

The front assembly, with two independent tilting wheels, is far more stable than any scooter. The PIAGGIO MP3 grips the road even when tailing other vehicles, providing top performance in total safety.

Read more about the Piaggio MP3 at their websiste here.

2 Responses to “My kind of MP3!!”

  1. jbo says:

    medyo OT

    congrats tsong!

    number 5 in pinoy top blog list!!

    more power and great job!!!

  2. jbo says:


    clarification …

    tsong, em congratulationg you for mcp hah, not to take away anything from the stuff you do in ur blogs

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