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My Vespas

My Vespas

Just a random shot of my two scoots this afternoon, I thought it looked good.
This was taken after I cleaned the GT and was getting the PX prepped for use the following day.
What more could a Vespinoy ask for?

11 Responses to “My Vespas”

  1. rem says:

    ganda pa rin ng px mo bimbo! 🙂

  2. Bimbo says:

    hi rem!
    thanks!! still the same after all these years.
    ikaw, how’s your vespa?

  3. rem says:

    still running! 🙂 same old black and white vespie. pang araw-araw pa rin! hehehehe

  4. Edmund Umali says:

    Puting puti mga Vespa!!! Nice shot Bimbo.

  5. Bimbo says:

    Thanks!! Just saw the shot while cleaning the GT. Grabbed my mobile phone and clicked away!! hehe

    Not bad for a rank amateur!!

  6. marvin says:

    ganda talaga ng white vespa!!!!

  7. jordan5 says:

    Looks like Notorious B_I_G and Puff Daddy to me heheh =)from one of their music video. All in white =)


  8. Armand says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m coming home from the U.S. for good in the spring and plan to get a Vespa. Can you give me the contact info for dealers in the Philippines? Salamat po.

  9. Bimbo says:

    Hi Armand,
    The local distributor for the Vespa is 2211 Works in Malate Manila. Their contact information is in the banner ad they have inside the forum.

    Hope to see you riding your Vespa here!!

  10. Armand says:

    Cool. Thanks Bimbo!

  11. Carlo Gonzalez says:

    Ganda ng kuha, lalo na at mga love mo kinukunan mo.

    Kumusta pare. Finally online na ulit kami at kaka-kabit lang ng cable. At … oo nga pala … naka iMac na kami. Hehehe …

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