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New Vespas?

With the rumored arrival of the Vespa LX to Philippine shores, well being still just that, a rumor, I was particularly delighted to read in this article from Vespaquest about Piaggio’s tease job at this week’s International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan. Looks good if you ask me. A modern Vespa with the flair of the classics. Brilliant!

New Vespa?

Again a hat tip to Vespaquest for this link to Motoblot.it which has more on these “prototype” Vespas. Oh you’ll need to pass the site through the Babelfish translator if you don’t know Italian.


2 Responses to “New Vespas?”

  1. jbo says:

    hey gagamboy!!!

    you like the cappucino?

    with some cinnamon?

    with a bit of froth?

    ganda ganda!!!!!

  2. Bimbo says:

    hey JB!
    This Vespa is really really nice. Have you seen the Motoblot link? Fantastic!!


  1. Vespinoy! » Blog Archive » The New Vespas - [...] It’s official, the rumored New Vespas I mentioned in this post has officialy been presented in Piaggio’s UK Website.…

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