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Philippine Blog Awards: We’re Nominated

Philippine Blog AwardsImagine my surprise to find Vespinoy as one of the nominees in the Sports and Recreation category of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards.

To whoever nominated me, you have my heartfelt thanks. We do our best here to bring the latest Vespa buzz to the local scene. And it’s a scene that’s growing everyday.

So if I win I get to attend the snazzy awarding ceremonies and partake of free liquor…..YEAH!

Congratulations to John’s blog for being nominated as well.

3 Responses to “Philippine Blog Awards: We’re Nominated”

  1. John Rana says:

    WHOA! I got surprise by this news Bimbo! I’ve hardly touched my blog for more than a month because of work. I guess I have to put fresh entries in there again.

    Congrats to you too! See you tomorrow! =)

  2. philip says:

    Congrats! brooooom

  3. AnferTuto says:

    Hola faretaste

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