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Pipe reviews

i’ve tried both pancito and proma pipes on both stock and modified engines.


proma- ang ingay!!!
the proma pipe gives good acceleration at high speed. mejo mahina sa arangkada unless full throttle ka kaagad. pero sa high speed 3rd gear and 4th gear maganda ang takbo nya. you can really feel the diff. ok sya sa high revs, for race and upak touring.

pancito – all around pipe. gives you good performance from the low to mid rpm, sa high rpm mejo bitin sya pero pwede na din. perfect for city driving and touring din. not as noisy as the proma, gives off a meatier pop as compared to the de lata ping of the proma and polini pipe.

both are ok naman, pero if you tend to use your vespa in the city with occasional byahe, id say go with the pancito.

yun naman eh, sa akin la-ang.

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