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Reminiscing Part I

Looking back on my short scootering life, allow me a melancholy moment as I remember previous partners of mine.

Smokey, my 150cc Piaggio Hexagon.

My very first scooter. This is the only scoot I know who actually hated his paint job.
His original color was the original Piaggio green. It wasn’t really my color so I had him painted by a friend of mine a snazzy metallic blue, complete with flakes….hehe. Well what do yo know. First out of town trip I went on, I crashed. My rear tyre lost grip on a pretty good strip of oil on the road (I still have the stains on my jeans to prove it!) while on a curve, KAPAM….KAPOW…KABOOM…..one minute I was looking at the apex of the corner the next all I could see was..road, sky, road, sky, road, sky, road. Emerged unscathed though, thanks to all the armor I was wearing. The scoot survived too, the handle bar was a bit skewed, but nothing that a few bangs on a roadside post could fix. I managed to finish that ride rather uneventfully too.

After getting itself all scratched up, it tried to commit suicie by running, at full throttle, by itself right smack into a parked Toyota Corona while getting itself tuned up. Oh, by the way, did I mention that the mechanic (Romy) was on it when it decided to see if ABS plastic was tougher than metal. It was rather messy. Thankfully, Romy, suffered nothing more than a few aches and pains, but the scoot was a different story. The fork was bent, the headlamp was smashed, the nose was in a couple of dozen pieces. I thought I was going to faint right there and then. It turned out that the cable may have snagged on something when the seat was returned after the tune up. 2211 Works’ head honcho, Migs, assured me that they would take care of everything, at no charge. I am forever grateful to 2211 for that.

With the repair came a new paint job to replace the one which Smokey obviously hated. The new painjob (as seen in the photo) was fantastic. I loved it, my wife loved it, and obviously Smokey loved it. After the paintjob, I never ran into a problem with this scoot again.

It ran like a charm for more than a year until I finally decided that it was time to do what I really set out to do when I started scootering.

Get a Vespa!

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