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Reminiscing Part IV

It all began in this thread in Motorcycle Philippines.

Having had the pleasure of riding the ET8 daily to my new job in makati for a few months, it was clear to me that I wanted more. The ET4 is one hell of a scoot. Easy to ride, very classy and very, very economical. Somehow, I felt that it wasn’t for me. I missed the feel of the PX. To the uninitiated, riding a PX is truly an experience. I’ve heard the phrase, “It’s either you like it or you don’t, there’s no middle ground” said about the Vespa quite a number of times already. How true that statement is. Once the Vespa bug bites, there’s no looking back (apologies to the automatic Vespas of course).

Corinne and I struck a fair deal and swapped bikes. She got Dodong, which she had a long and happy relationship with until she sold it (she had other unimportant matters to attend to….like work) to another friend of mine. And I got……..


Seangreen was in good condition since I was only his second owner and Corinne had done a pretty good job at maintaining it.
After a few tweaks he was ready for my first long road trip on a Vespa PX. He performed rather well, speed was never a factor for buying a PX so I was supposed to be content with its speed……or lack thereof hehe.

Seangreen had the shortest stay with me, of all my scooters. There was nothing wrong with it, in fact it was a really good Vespa, in fact I had spent quite a bit on it with new tyres, grips and other enhancements. It was a keeper as far as I was concerned.

Until I met Tisoy.

2 Responses to “Reminiscing Part IV”

  1. v22 says:

    ah yes… that was a great thread till it got cut! anyway it brought vespa aficionados together. 🙂

  2. Bimbo says:

    oi teng!
    oo nga eh, buti na lang nga nakita ko pa ulit yung thread, akala ko lost forever na.

    thanks for visiting my blog!! balik ka lang!

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