Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Riding Injured

Riding in Manila traffic and heat is hard enough, but riding with a bum shoulder just makes it all the more, well….harder.

I honestly don’t know where this pain in my shoulder came from, might be from sleeping too much on it or from Mountain Biking. But wherever it came from it’s giving me a hard time riding the GT. As everyone knows the Vespa GT is way heavier than the PX so having to maneuver it in traffic becomes a test of patience and my pain threshold since you have to literally wrestle in between a trucks radiator grill and a taxi cabs’ bumper almost every 500 meters.

Putting it on the center stand when I got to the office was THE worst. I actually yelped out a little as I pulled it up, totally forgetting about my bum shoulder, well the shoulder reminded me right away.

I hope this ends soon. This sucks!

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