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Separation Anxiety

One evening as my wife and I discussed plans (more of dream, really) of replacing our small Hyundai, the discussion turned to raising funds. I told her I would be willing to let go of my Piaggio MP3 and switch to a smaller scoot if we really needed the extra cash. Out of the blue she asked me, “Don’t you feel bad when you sell your scooters?”. I initially dismissed the question and told her that I didn’t. But that got me thinking. How attached are we to our scoots?

I know some people who are attached to their scoots with an umbilical cord. The thought of their scoot leaving them would bring upon the Apocalypse. Personally, I do feel attached to my scoots. They’re my daily, constant companion during the work day and reliable fun machine during those long rides. But when it comes to letting them go I never forget that these fun, reliable scoots are really just that, scooters. They should never get in the way or be the cause of any problem in the real world. We are speaking here of course of separation by necessity, not separation by scooter upgrade since that doesn’t count.

Having a scooter, in itself, is already a luxury that I have been enjoying immensely for the better part of a decade. But it is a luxury, and luxuries do come at a price. So, how do you feel about Scooter Separation Anxiety?

4 Responses to “Separation Anxiety”

  1. Christian Andersen says:

    For me, my scooter is my only form of personal transportation aside from being my passion all-in-all. Being separated from it means commuting and dealing with unruly co-passengers, wasted time, and even by a tiny fraction, lost savings.

    It’s both a personal and practical matter for me so I find separating myself next to impossible

  2. jojo hosaka says:

    I have been blessed that a situation that calls for my having to sell my Vespa hasn’t come my way. The thing about the Vespa is that even in parting it will serve you well because of her good resale value.

    This is my 6th year on a Vespa. I got the Vespa because of the rising fuel costs back then and fuel costs are rising again. Now, I have 2 kids driving and one car for the wife, the Vespa is used more often. I guess I have some fairly good reasons why I get to keep her. But…I guess…if push comes to shove…the Mountain Bike gets to be sold first! 🙂

  3. pal says:

    i have been a scooterist for 13 years now, and am now on my 3rd one. they’ve all been vespas. the first time i had to part with my then-scooter (a PX) was hard; i really didn’t want to sell it (it was my first scooter, i had it for 8 years, it was my post prized material possession, i went to so many places for the first time on it besides the everyday commute) but i had to, in order to get the upgrade i wanted (GT200). i really wished that i could have kept the PX. so yeah, there was separation anxiety that first time.
    the second time thankfully wasn’t so bad; i knew i was going to enjoy a world of difference in terms of scooter power, so it was easier for me to let go of the GT200.
    which brings me to my current ride, the GT300.
    this one i will keep. if it ever happens (i hope not, knock on wood) that i’d have to part with it… i’d rather not think about it.

  4. VESPA says:

    I sold 3 bigger displacements bikes and still kept my scooters. I am also in the stage of adding one more car for the family and am thinking of selling my wifes car and keep my scoots hehe.

    I know how you feel Vespinoy, I sold my favorite Super4 VerR 5 years ago when my funds for renovating my house went over budget. I also sold my wifes Vespa when I needed some funds. I had to let my naked bike go and finish my renovation. I never bought another big bike since then.

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