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Stella 4 Stroke Review

Genuine Stella 4 Stroke

A review of the Genuine Stella 4 Stroke scooter from ModernBuddy.Com.

There have been few scooters to debut in the US carrying as much baggage as the Genuine Stella 4T (4-stroke). It comes preloaded with the stigma of being a 4T shifter and common perceptions of the Bajaj 4Ts as slow vehicles with a variety of quality issues. It’s got a lineage that can be traced to Vespa but, as many people will complain, it’s not a Vespa and it’s built in India. As enthusiastic as some people are about the long-awaited arrival of a 50-state version of the Stella, others question whether there is a need or demand for such a thing. Others pre-judged the scooter long before even seeing it in person.

On top of all that, delivery was delayed by a year due to the Stellas being singled out for additional inspections by Customs and the EPA (despite having already been approved for sale). During this time, there was all sorts of theorizing, rumor mongering and conjecture about Genuine and the state of the scooters. The conclusion? The EPA didn’t like a ball of glue and the adhesive used for a label.

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