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Stella’s Back

Genuine Scooter Company is set to bring back the Stella to their product line in 2008.

Got the news from 2StrokeBuzz.Com, where else?

The news we’ve all been waiting for, and a couple surprises: The first shipment of Genuine Stellas (reportedly less than 300 scooters) will be delivered in January to top-seller Genuine dealers only, who will get 15 Stellas each (3 of each color per dealer: avocado, powder blue, red, tangerine, and black). As reported earlier, Scooterworks USA and some other dealers are accepting pre-orders. $3399 is the official MSRP.

Now I wonder if the local counterpart, the Vitto will follow suit. It’s been a while since new units of the Vitto have been available.

Something that needs a bit more looking into I guess.

5 Responses to “Stella’s Back”

  1. joneighbors says:

    vitto will be around P140K dito sa pinas? depende pa sa tax na patong. nagmahal na din ang vitto.

  2. Bimbo says:

    I doubt if the Vitto will be priced like that, but expect to see a price increase. Hope they prove me wrong though.

  3. Jojo Hosaka says:

    The interesting thing is the comment of John Gerber about Piaggio coming out with a 4 stroke geared Vespa! Hmmm now how much will it cost us Vespinoys? Maybe I’ll set aside my plans for a GT and wait a little longer.

  4. joneighbors says:

    bos jojo piaggio confirmed that they have no plans of releasing a geared 4 stroke unit that will replace the reliable px. i read the article at scootering issue april or march.
    pero sana nga magbago isip ng piaggio because bajaj chetak has released a geared 4 stroke unit, lml is planning to make one.

  5. Bimbo says:

    Jojo, That’s true. That would be a dream come true for me also. Bajaj, as joneighbors, mentioned, has been producing the Chetak for a while now, though not necessarily a crowd favorite it did the job. LML is just taking the next logical step in the development of the PX series. And it’s good to see that Piaggio has finally given this idea of a 4 stroke geared Vespa a second look.

    But I highly recommend the GT too, it’s really a beautifully built machine.

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