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Switching from Japs to Italians

Switching from Japs to Italians and falling in love…

I can honestly say I’m an old motorbike rider.. I’ve been riding sice I was in third grade on village roads. Born into a family of motorbike enthusiasts. My dad, brothers, even my sister- we all had our bikes to go around in the village since the time Ateneo last became UAAP college champions prior to their victory two years ago(there, if you know you’re history, that was REALLY a long time ago) But it was all japanese bikes then- I had no idea what a Vespa what, knowing me, I’d probably see one on the road and not mind it. It was all sport bikes for me and motocross, the newer your sport bike was and the more gears, the “cooler” you were. It was all speed and colors then..

Then the inevitable happened- Accidents left and right. Not just with me but with my brothers and dad as well.. It wasn’t all at the same time, God- malas na talaga ng pamilya ninyo if that happened! but we each had our share.. I was in high school then when most of our accidents occurred, and as any mom(or wife for that matter) would do, she insisted we all stop the dangerous sport/hobby whatever you want to call it.

Years passed. We all moved on without our jap bikes. Cars was it. College days came and I left for abroad after. I found myself in Taiwan- land of the scooter, and I was back into motorbike mode!

There I had a Yamaha BWS and a Vino. It was there I fell in love with retro/vintage bikes and riding around town in them. Come on, it’s Taipei, no one drives a car. For the time I was there, I was back in action, even going on a long ride with my bestfriend in mid-winter. That did it for me. To make a long story short, I went back to good ol’ P’inas and I immediately got myself the same bikes here and a pair of Honda Giorno’s to boot- All still japanese bikes, retro bikes.

By this time, I’m already familiar with the WASP. I’ve always thought of getting one but never could find the time or probably to be more accurate, encouragement to do so. I wanted something that had the convenience of my jap scoots, something as reliable as well, and come on, unless you own a wasp, all you get from people with other italian bikes(or cars for that matter) is how unreliable and tedious they are.

Came along the ET series. Four-stroke, matic tranny, lotsa power and a Vespa! Christmas 04′ came and so did my first wasp. It was love at first site. She wasn’t a brand new unit, kinda beat up in the body works department, but running, got her, immediately sent her to 2211 and after a catastrophic bill(but I don’t blame the guys-alam ko mahal naman talaga parts) she was in action. And by God, she was THE BIKE for me.. Looking at and riding my jap bikes was never the same. It was always the wasp. My Andrea! She’s been through it all, including the two aound the world rides of Euroscoot and she still runs as smoothly as when she first came out of 2211.. I love her..

And now, just recently, I got her older sister too- The PX.. I call her Sofia, and now she’s on her way to a major restoration. Paint work, tuning- the works..

I’ve sold both my Giorno’s- good memories in both of them. I still keep some of my jap bikes, they’ve never really let me down. But the italians, from whichever way you look at them, they are just beauties..

I love my girls… And now, it’s not just a sport or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle…

Article by Louie Fong
Originally posted in TheVespaLife.Com
October 7, 2005

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