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The 8th Angono Round Up | April 26, 2014


This is our 8th year summer gathering of the Pinoy Vespa, Lambretta, Stella, LML, Piaggio, Gilera & Other European Scooter Enthusiasts!

Here we go! On their 8th year the East Side Boys are back promising a bigger and better Scooter Jamboree this year. One of the true community events in the calendar, the Angono Round Up is one of the most awaited get togethers of the year.

Party starts 12noon onwards until early evening!

THERE WILL BE A MINIMUM REGISTRATION FEE OF P200 FOR ALL ATTENDEES which entitles all registrants an eat-all you can pinoy buffet, a drink-all-you-can beer and softdrink open bar and a chance to win fabulous raffle prizes such as:


Kaya huwag kayong mawawala! Kitakits!

Map to the venue (click to view the larger image)

Map to the venue (click to view the larger image)

20 Responses to “The 8th Angono Round Up | April 26, 2014”

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  2. Martin says:

    When is the Angono round up for 2015?

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