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The Genuine Scooters Stella 4 Stroke arrives in Manila

Stella, our first love. She’s now clean and green, and the only REAL modern vintage scooter in America that’s not just another copy of a classic style from Italy. Her pedigree is pure Italian, her charm unmistakable. Her green character and miserly gas consumption are the product of the world’s most pragmatic and forward thinking engineers in India. She still shifts like a sports car, but the engine is quiet and the vibrations are gone. In a variety of happy colors, she boasts an EPA city rating of 140 miles per gallon. Dress her up; she’s ready to go wherever you go. You can hook up a handmade, all-steel sidecar in matching colors if you want to be the coolest person on your block.

Stella, the one and only modern vintage scooter. From Genuine Scooters, who else?

Can you feel the love?


Yes, we finally feel the love.

The Philippines, Manila in particular, is no stranger to the scooter culture and lifestyle.  That fact is evident by the presence of a lot of vintage scooters from the Vespa and Lambretta line, as well as other brands, you see cruising around the streets of Manila every so often.  These machines are our link to a colorful and storied past that our scooters are imbibed with.

It is this tradition of fine engineering and impeccable styling that Genuine Scooters (based in the United States) began its search for a worthy candidate to join the ranks of the scooter elite.  Their search eventually led them to the Stella.

The Stella first broke into the scene in 2002. The Stella 2-Stroke arrived at a very opportune time.  Piaggio which had abandoned the US market in the mid 80’s, amid the falling fuel costs and stiff competition against Japanese brands, had only recently come back on the scene (1999) but was pushing the newer line Vespa models such as the ET2-ET4 range.  This opened the market for Genuine Scooters to cater to the segment looking for the traditional, manual scooters.  And, serve them they did.  The market grew to such an extent that Piaggio brought back the PX series to American shores in 2004.  But by then Stella had already established its own identity and its own market.

The introduction of the Stella 4-Stroke, this year, only cements Genuine Scooters’ place as a leader in scooter innovation.  The 4-Stroke manual scooter has long been a pipe dream in the local scooter community.  The subject of many long conversations regarding its feasibility and its eventually availability on the local scene.  We’ve already heard about the Bajaj Chetak 4 Stroke, released in 2004, but they’ve never made it into the local market and there is next to no information about it, even on the web.  When news broke that 2211 Works was bringing in the Stella 4 Stroke into the country, the wait had finally ended.

Being a long time Piaggio dealer and Service Center, the partnership between 2211 Works and Genuine Scooters was, as the cliché goes, a match made in heaven.  Both companies share the same passion about the machines they sell.  Extensive riding experience and competent technical know-how makes them the perfect team to  bring the Stella 4-Stroke to the Philippines.

Introducing the Genuine Stella 4-Stroke.

Technical Specs.

Engine             147.55cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled

Transmission             4-speed manual with “twist grip” shifting

Suspension             Gabriel® performance shocks

Tire Size             3.5″ x 10″ Interchangable

Braking             Front Grimeca Hydraulic Disc, 6″ Rear Drum

Top Speed             60+ mph

MPG             140*

*EPA city estimate.

We hope to get our hands on a unit soon so we can give you a proper review of how the Stell 4 Stroke performs in the real world.  I’m really interested in putting the claimed fuel efficiency to the test.

13 Responses to “The Genuine Scooters Stella 4 Stroke arrives in Manila”

  1. Nakita mo yung orange sa dulo, nakalagay na pangalan ko dunü

  2. Bimbo Isidro says:

    kita ko nga Third Gonzales nakaukit sa engine block

  3. Daddy D says:

    Bimbo, matipid nga sya, super tipid… di ko pa magamit because of the rain, hehe. Just brought it to the nearest Petron station when I had the chance, but then, umulan ulit. Hopefully the weather will be much better this weekend.

  4. Bernie lim says:

    ako still waiting nani go signal….

  5. Uriel Protomartir says:


  6. bernie lim says:

    excited the neptune blue.

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