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The Last of the Stellas

Got this suprising news while browsing 2StrokeBuzz, the Stella has been dropped from the scooter lineup of Genuine Scooter Company.

This will surprise the local Vespa community since the buzz of the same LML manufactured scooter, the Vitto, is just picking up steam. The Vitto is a stella inspired alternative to the original Italian (and ultimately overpriced) Vespa.

The Genuine Scooter Company is now carrying a brand which is also enjoying a successful run locally, PGO. Well, thanks to the people at Genuine for reviving the scene abroad but also being the spark to what will hopefully be a bigger and longer lasting movement here.

Oh well. C’est la vie!

One Response to “The Last of the Stellas”

  1. jjmichaels says:

    First Pluto, now this?

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