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The New Vespas

It’s official, the rumored New Vespas I mentioned in this post has officialy been presented in Piaggio’s UK Website.

“Vespa GT-60 and Vespa LX-60
Two extraordinary “show bikes”: two one-off display vehicles for a preview celebration of 60 years of the Vespa at EICMA 2005. The Vespa LX-60 and Vespa GT-60 celebrate 60 years of the most legendary two-wheeler of all time by revisiting and reinterpreting the most typical design and functional features of the 1950s and 1960s Vespas.”

The Vespa GT60
“image from the Piaggio UK Website.”
The Vespa GT-60

A really pretty scooter.
“Developed on the base of the Vespa GTS 250, the GT-60 pays homage to the very first scooter, the 1946 Vespa.”

The MP6
“image from the Museo Piaggio.”
The Vespa MP6
The Vespa LX60
“image from the Piaggio UK Website.”
The Vespa LX-60

“Developed on the base of the 2005 Vespa LX, the LX-60 has been conceived as a tribute to the 1960s Vespas.

The 1960s: a legendary decade that witnessed the social and cultural revolution that shaped contemporary society, marked by the emergence of youth for whom the Vespa symbolised individual mobility and freedom.”

Looks good to me. I wonder if they’ll ever move out of the “prototype” stage and move into general production.

In my honest opinion, the true Vespa ended with the PX. It had all the nostalgia of the old Vespa scooters with a modern twist. Comapred to the old Vespas, the PX leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to aesthetic appeal. But you can count on this “modern” Vespa to act like the old ones, kick it and run. These new ones are just a bit too “high technology” for my taste. Still they look pretty darned good.

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  1. Vespa is always an original scooter. Little extra bit of marketing and govt. support it would have been a success in India. Nice Pictures.

    Coimbatore Vespa Fan

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