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Tire Hunting

After serving me since June 2005, my Continental Navigators are nearing the end of their useful lives.

Though the front tire can still last for another year, I would rather buy a new set of tires than have to replace one and rotate. For someone like me who uses my Vespa everyday and relies on it heavily, I would rather spend a little bit of extra for added security.

Brands I’m looking out for?

IRC, the soft compound one, the one Cliff installed on his Vespa for the Lucban ride. Sweet, sweet performance for a new tire on wet roads. All that for a measly Php 600.00 a piece.
Conti Navigators again, because they’re just so darned reliable.
Conti Zippy, tires that last forever, but a long shot since this is a really old model.
Metzelers, old reliable tires, really expensive, last on my list.

So anyone here care to give me a lead on where to find these babies?

6 Responses to “Tire Hunting”

  1. kennonballer says:

    irc softs @ P600 per? now that’s a good deal a thrifty ilocano in the living in rain-happy baguio will love. pass on the lead when you get one, bimbs!

  2. Naughty DOG says:

    Ang igsi naman ng buhay ng Conti Navigators! I need new tires din on my Vespa, Bimbo. The set of Bridgestones I’m using now are circa Banawe ride pa although I don’t ride as much as you do. I read that IRC tires are also good & at PhP 600 apiece, they get better!! Saan daw ito na-score ni Cliff?

  3. Bimbo says:

    Hey Mon,
    The Navis are ok, short ang shelf life sa akin kasi naman I use it extensively. I have a schedule talaga of changing tires every year.

    My front tire is still good, so that becomes my reserve tire na, pahinga ko na yung hutchingson ko hehe…..

  4. Naughty DOG says:

    Pwede pa yan Hutchinson kapag ganitong tag-ulan…kung hindi pa panot…hehehe.

    Balita ko mayroon kay Rico ng IRC’s. Subukan ko ngang mangapitbahay next week, balitaan kita. :o)

  5. Bimbo says:

    Rico has them in stock….bilis na!

  6. joneighbors says:

    mga sir available pa ba ngayon ang conti navigator and magkano

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