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Trickle Trickle

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had battery problems with my MP3. I woke up one morning, ready to go to work, turned the key of the MP3, waiting for the familiar, annoying beep, but got nothing, no light, beep. No biggie, battery dead. Brought the battery to a nearby battery shop to have it fast charged, left it there for a half a day and picked it up late in the afternoon before getting ready for a weekend trip. The owner of the shop told me, as I picked up the battery, that the battery seemed to be dead since it couldn’t hold a charge anymore. As I got home and tested it on the bike, it looked to be true since the bike still wouldn’t start.

I spent the weekend canvassing the market for a new battery for the bike. I found one but it costs more than the battery of our SUV so I looked for a more economical way. Aside from sourcing local brands, a friend lent me his trickle charger. Since the battery guy had already said the battery wouldn’t hold a charge I was skeptical about this solution. With specific instructions to leave it on for at least 3-6 days, I used it.

After a couple of days, I had to use the MP3 and had to disconnect it from the trickle charger before the prescribed period. Not expecting anything, I hooked it up to the MP3 and turned the key. Voila! It started, and started fast. I honestly thought it wouldn’t work and wouldn’t last. But I’m still using the battery to this day. Great job!

Now point me to the cheapest trickle charger please.

PS. The battery of the PX is now on the charger and has been on for 5 days. Let’s see if it can revive that!

2 Responses to “Trickle Trickle”

  1. Nelson says:

    Go straight to Motoworld and get the Oxford Oximiser. Php 1,600. lang so it’s cheaper than the 4-5 K trickle chargers available online. I rarely use my PX so my battery is discharged most of the time. I stumbled upon the Oximiser at Moto Market in Libis although the shop guys told me it wasn’t the ‘battery tender’ I was looking for. I had to read the brochure to be assured that it was indeed a trickle charger/battery tender/battery maximiser. It does take a few days to get a comatose battery up and running but after that one click lang…buhay na naman ang patay! I’m getting another one for my BMW since the connecting hardware supplied is good for only one bike.

  2. Chito says:

    It may work on some and not on others. It depends on how bad the sulfation is. If you can find a long-a-batt solution hereabouts, use that along with a trickle/conditioner/maximer charger for better results.

    And if you do find a long-a-batt, kindly let me know as I need some as well 🙂

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