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Uneven Tyre Wear

Having had the chance to check my tyres up close last week due to a flat, I discovered that the Continental Navigators have an odd, uneven type of wear. Unlike its counterpart the Twist where “tumors” would sprout up the Navigator has the tendency wear out rather unevenly. If you’re familiar with the tread of the Navigator, it has deep water channels which make them all around great tires for the Vespa. Having had them on my Vespa for more than a year now, the wear near the center (I’m a city rider most of the time so the centers’ usually wear out faster) tends to be a bit rough, the wear seems to thin out from the back of the dispersion pattern.

It’s a but tough to explain, but what it seems like is that the leading edge of the tread pattern, the ones that make contact with the ground first seems to be a bit higher than the rest of the pattern making them act like off road tyres. It’s weird and I’m stil not convinced that it’s like that, I have to do a couple of experiments though. I’ll keep you all updated.

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