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Vespa Attack 3 Roundup and Stuff

I’ve been seriously behind on posting stuff for Vespinoy recently and I sincerely aplogize to my legions and legions (around 3) of readers. Workload has eased up as the Christmas break approaches, so I may be able to start blogging again about Vespa stuff and other related and not so related matters haha.

Vespa Attack 3 was an enormous success, this years’ edition was, by far, the most attended event. Attendance broke 100 on both the VCOP led Swap Meet held at the Speedzone in The Fort, Taguig and at the Chill Out Night in Hot Rocks Libis hosted by Euroscoot.

A lot of photos and stories can be seen in the thread in the forum here.

John Rana also has a blow-by-blow account of the happenings.

I was unable to attend the Vespa Attack 3 because our company scheduled our annual vacation nearly a month late and coincided perfectly with VA3. Tough luck but I was keeping abreast of what was happening through phone calls to some of my fellow Euroscoot officers. Needless to say, I was really jealous. Argh!

A special thank you goes out to Jordan Cinco, the man behind bringing Vespa Attack to the country. You are truly doing an ambassador’s job dude. Keep it up!

The Vespinoy forum has spawned another hilarious thread here. Try to keep up with the insanity of these unfortunate souls who are trying to set up VittPinoy! (*Heavy Tagalog usage in this thread)

The Vespinoy Forum got a mention in Dave Mangano’s blog Sctrcst.Com. Episode 39 dealt with Yahoo Groups and Scooter Forums and Vespinoy was fortunate enough to have been included in Dave’s list. Thanks for remembering us Dave!! 🙂

A Sunday article by the local publication Inquirer Sunday titled Vepsa Nova caused a bit of a stir in the community a few weeks back. The article was covered by John Rana both on his blog and on Motorcycle Philippines where he is a contributing writer. What he did not expect was the backlash it got from the underbone community because of one particular line..

“Granted, Vespa aficionados tend to be older, better educated and financially better off than the typical underbone enthusiast (the modern Vespas costing many times more than the average Japanese or Chinese scoot).”

This got the underbone riders reason to lash out at the writer, John and Vespas in general. While I see some justification in their indignation, the blame, in my opinion, falls squarely on the writer of the article since it was HIS point of view which was presented and not the point of view of John who merely reported about the article(s) on his blog and MCP and most specially not the Vespa community who has done it’s best to remain anonymous and prefer to do their own stuff quietly.

I guess this is it for the mean time. I’ll be trying to post new stuff regularly.
Hapy scootering!

6 Responses to “Vespa Attack 3 Roundup and Stuff”

  1. John Rana says:

    ‘ey Bimbo! That was a tough week. Two events simultaneously happening: the 3rd Vespa Attack and whoridesavespa.com “being attacked!” hahaha! 😀

    Mag-bi-bisekleta na lang ako. 😀

  2. Bimbo says:

    John, fame has it’s price bro!! haha.
    Keep it up!!

    Tara Bike Na!

  3. Jojo Hosaka says:

    Good to know your back blogging! I’ve skipped clicking your site for sometime since nothing was new, so I would just click only John’s site 🙂

  4. Bimbo says:

    Hi Jojo,
    Yup, I hope to be back blogging regularly na. Thanks for your patience. I’m sure John’s site has made you forgotten about my transgressions since he writes so much better than I do. I just throw my age around haha.

  5. Jojo Hosaka says:

    Nah! I start with the Vespinoy forum, then click on your link at the Vespinoy forum, then click on Johns link at your blog. Anyway information is information both of you are like a good cup of coffee except one is a South American blend and the other an Ethiopian blend but both have a great cafeine kick none the less. 🙂

  6. John Rana says:

    Thanks Jojo! You’re right. I hardly cover technical and Piaggio-related news in my blog. That’s Vespinoy’s beat. Kinda like reading ‘Top Gear’ or C! only for Vespas. 🙂

    With mine kase, it’s like reading YES! magazine. bwahahaha 😛 There really is a vacuum when Bimbo doesn’t blog. 🙁

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