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Vespa Granturismo Break In Ride

Vespas in Nasugbu

What started out as a “Breaking In” ride for 3 Vespa Granturismos ended up being a full scale ride and photo op in Batangas.


We got to Dalampasigan in Nasugbu before 1 pm. The original plan was to travel along Daang Hari Road plus a short jaunt to Tagaytay for a meal. But as we approached the Tagaytay junction, I asked them, “Where are we eating?” I received collective shoulder shrugs…..so off I lead them to Nasugbu for a sumptuous lunch in Dalampasigan Restaurant in Nasugbu Batangas.

Twin VespaGT 200

Then a short trip up the mountain for a photo op at the entrance of the newly developed Kawayan Cove. We actually passed by Terrazas de Punta Fuego looking for a good place to take photos but ended up backtracking towards Kawayan.

Vespa Granturismo at Kawayan Cove

Finally got home around 5:30 PM all tired and dirty but with a big smile on my face….the GT is a sweet sweet bike.

More photos here.

Props to JBO for some of his photos.

4 Responses to “Vespa Granturismo Break In Ride”

  1. jbo says:


    mawalang galang na,

    ‘confessions of a two-stroke junkie’ pa ba itong blog na ito?

    magkalinawan lang


  2. Bimbo says:

    JB, hahahahaha..meron pa naman akong PX. Tisoy still runs on 2T and I’m still addicted to him hehe. So it stills stays….hehe

  3. gerdie says:

    oist! mangsama naman kayo ng LX na brine-break in din. labo oh…

  4. Bimbo says:

    i think there’s something being brewed this weekend. biglaan yung sa amin last weekend so we weren’t able to properly announce it.

    it was supposed to be a short jaunt to daang hari to visit a place with ton eh napuntang Nasugbu hehe.


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