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Vespa Quarentasei

Vespa 46!

Piaggio has come up with a radical design to honor the original Vespa design produced in 1946.

Here is what they had to say about it.

An exciting mix of tradition and innovation, quotations and projections that make it become a magnet for attention. A unique style, therefore, but also a lot of ecological technology: the single cylinder engine of 125 cc air-cooled powered with electronic fuel injection, is able to combine performance, reliability, security and respect for the environment.

I’m really liking the new design.  It stays true to the Vespa lines but gives it the “future” boost it badly needs.  We really love our PX/Stella shapes but we’ve really got to move along and I think they’re taking us in the right direction.  Production of this beauty is said to begin sometime 2012.  I wonder how much this will cost here?  With the current PX at an exorbitant price I wouldn’t be surprised this would be somewhere near the MP3 pricing bracket.  Argh!

More photos of the scooter can be seen in Piaggio’s Facebook page.

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