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Vespa Riding Fail

Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the road.  I just got my Vespa back.

Riding to work this morning, after picking it up in 2211 Works in Malate, I chanced upon light traffic on Makati Ave. cor Gil Puyat.  Since I was to turn right on Gil Puyat to get to my office I slowly and gingerly rode the PX onto the gutter near the Petron Gas station.  Being used to the bulk of the Piaggio MP3 I was riding exclusively for 2 years getting through a small gap between the gutter and a metal barrier was supposed to be a snap…..supposed to be….

I cleared the barrier with the front, no problem, then heard a loud mettalic/rubbery thunk then saw and heard the metal barrier lurch forward a few feet and hit a female pedestrian on the right hand. First thing’s first, I hurriedly ran moved back then rode towards the woman I had inadvertently hit. I asked her repeatedly if she was ok, she was holding her wrist but she had said it was ok and let me off with a smile, syempre smile din ako.

After making sure I had not permanently debilitated the woman, I ran through what happened and lo and behold, it was my kick starter that had hit the metal barrier. How was I supposed to know it was there? No, seriously, it was my fault and I was an idiot for ever trying to squeeze through that space. I am just very fortunate that it ended up like that and did not cause any other serious damage. More damage to my pride, but, I have to say I deserve it.

Oh well, lesson learned, so when you see a White PX150 riding towards you, run away, far away.

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