Ride. Rest. Repeat.


VespanomicsMeaning: the ecological, economic, and personal satisfaction one achieves after buying a Vespa scooter. Usage (Ex.) Lillian could be seen stylishly scooting around town once she discovered Vespanomics.

Additional meanings: 1. A feeling of total exhilaration; consistent with riding a stylish, high performance Vespa. 2. The incomparable level of satisfaction that can only come from helping the environment while also saving a boatload of money on gas.

Origin: A union of the words Vespa and economics. Related words: Vespanomic, adj, vespanomically, adv

So that’s what they call it now.

Vespa will soon be launching a program that will promote scootering as a fun lifestyle and at the same time a way to leave a smaller footprint on mother earth.

Read more about it here.

Hope this catches on here in our neck of the woods (or what’s left of them).

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