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Vespinoy North-South Meetup


The Speedzone Kart Track at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig was the venue for a very unique meetup last night, September 13, 2006.

It was probably the biggest gathering of Vespa and other European scooter enthusiasts in a long while. The scooters on hand, done by manual counting was 102, and the number of registered scooterists were 108 so the ratio was about right, with some of the registrants coming as backrides and some in cages from far away places like Bulacan and Baguio.

This was truly a group effort. With the different scooter groups represented, Scoot 66, Euroscoot, Grupo Obsolete (with their wonderful wonderful NSU Primas) and a big contingent of Independent riders on hand, the place was bursting with scooters.

Such an even would not have been possible without the people who really put it together. Kudos to Rico Severino of the Vespa Supermarket, Eugene Buenaventura of Scoot 66 who provided us with the raffle prizes that kept the crowd buzzing with anticipation. 23 items were raffled off, from stand boots, levers, rear racks, helmets and a 1/8 Scale model of a Vespa GS with Sidecar which Hazel from Bulacan brought home. Direk Yeyey Yatco volunteered his fading voice as MC for the evening, powered by scooter love and San Mig Light, he found enough strength to last till the last thank yous’ were said and the last scooter had gone. The Vespinays, Des, Kitty, Emmie and Krisite for tirelessly manning the registration table and just being generally pretty the whole night. The evening would not have been as orderly without you girls. Thanks a bunch and the boys owe you a whole lot of loving.

And of course, to everyone who participated, to those who took time out to participate in what we hope would be the first of many meet-ups in the future. This night we proved that whatever borders or boundaries that were thought to be there was purely fictional, we proved that we could move as one without actually being one, we proved that the movement of promoting the lifestyle goes beyond personal beliefs and goes straight into the wonderful wonderful feeling we had that night, the one that Direk Yey kept stressing and it is and always will be the message that this site is founded solidly upon…..Spread the Love.



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  1. direkyey says:

    Chong! Nice article! YOU are Vespinoy and everyone, I’m sure, is very grateful for your VISION! Mabuhay tayong lahat! As J5 says, “keep the scootin’ scene alive!”

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