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Vespinoy Tragedy

Tragedy hit close to home today.

The wife of Euroscoot member and Vespa Community stalwart Dodick “Sky” Baello confirmed that Dodick passed away because of the flooding brought upon by Tropical Storm Ondoy.

His family was able to escape by scampering out by removing one air-conditioner and escaping through the hole. Unfortunately Dodick wasn’t able to follow and apparently got trapped on the ground floor.

Texts, calls and prayers were exchanged the whole night as the entire city was brought to a stand still by the floods. Then the sad news came this morning as the confirmation of our greatest fears were realized.

We will miss you Dodick! Ride well bro!

3 Responses to “Vespinoy Tragedy”

  1. vespanay says:

    rest in peace bro!!! praying for your family.

  2. Glenice says:

    Pls. Help all the people who have suffered the consequences of Ondoy’s Flood. People have lost so much,and so many right now are trapped.
    Pls. Help..

  3. DaveM says:

    So sorry to hear about all the tragic happenings in your area. We will be thinking about you and your families.

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