Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Way too busy…

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t updated the blog recently. I’ve been way too busy with work. Hope to be back in blogging form in a few weeks.

  • The Angono ride is this Saturday and I’m raring to join it since I missed last year’s edition.
  • 2211 Works in Malate had their successful relaunch last Saturday in a well attended affair in their newly renovated shop. Nice work from Migs and the guys. I’m sure it’s going to be the center of scooter activity again.
  • Some guys went to Laguna last Monday for a daytrip. An excuse for new scooter owners to go and break in their new babies.
  • Speaking of new scoots. Almost all the stocks of new scoots brought in by 2211 have been snapped up. Next shipment is on June so that will surely keep some people licking their chops till they come.
  • The Euroscoot website has been wiped out due to the stupidity of the host Ipowerweb. They changed their platform but forgot to move the database of the site. So that’s 3 years worth of information down the drain. So to Ipowerweb….F*&K [email protected]%!

Will be bringing new shorties as soon I can.

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