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Which is greener: Car vs Scooter?

The Straight Dope: What's better for the environment?  A scooter or a car?

Got this from The Straight Dope via TheScooterScoop.

It’s a great article to read specially with the growing interest in Going Green nowadays.

In other words, scooters can legally emit about 5.7 times more CO than cars, nearly 24 times more unburned hydrocarbons, and infinitely more NOx and real-world testing suggests they do run pretty dirty. One reason for the looser restrictions is that it’s tougher and costlier to put emissions controls on a scooter than on a car. So while your coworker may think she’s doing the world a favor, when you look strictly at what’s coming out the tailpipe, she’s a pollution-spewing pig.

Read the whole thing here.

3 Responses to “Which is greener: Car vs Scooter?”

  1. Marku says:

    Hmmm.. does that mean it’s still prudent to get the LX series? I would assume it has better combustion/emission, but I may be wrong. Well, I’m actually taking a more than just a wild guess here. I’m a newbie when it comes to Vespas but I’m actually eyeing a PX one, mainly for its looks and history.

    Your post is making me think twice.

  2. Bimbo says:

    Hi Marku,
    Thanks for dropping by. The article based it’s study on 2-Stroke scooters so the LX will definitely be an improvement if ever a study will be done.

    The current batch of LX’s are Euro 3 compliant so I guess they’re as green as they come, scooter wise.

    The PX series is truly iconic and I would not fault you for picking it. I’ve recently re-acquired one just because I really miss the feel of it. It’s something to experience.

  3. Zara says:

    This post was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week.

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