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Why a scooter fits the city

My good friend and new blogger Boo Blanco, writes in his spanking new blog, “Chi Vespa. Chi Mele“, about the hardships our big bike brothers have to go through just traversing the streets of Metro Manila.

He gives us these convincing arguments:

1. Traffic. Big bikes have a wider turning radius than their smaller two-wheeled cousins and are unable to navigate their way through traffic no better than a subcompact.

2. Heat. Big bikes hate being stationary in traffic so much that its engine heats up and makes life very uncomfortable to the rider.

3. Weight. Propping up a big bike in a standstill or pushing it to and from a parked position can exert considerable strain and fatigue to the rider.

4. Dirt. The mechnicals of big bikes are exposed to the elements, which makes cleaning a laborious task that could take up hours.

Read more of his thoughts about this here.

You can also read about his trials and tribulations while installing a new battery on his Vespa.

Makes good reading. Nice going Boo. Blog on!

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