Ride. Rest. Repeat.


This is the gist of the conversation my 9 year old son, Dino had with my sister last Saturday.

My sister brought Dino along with her and her family to their regular kendo sessions.
My sister and her husband are officers of the Manila Kendo Club. My sister helps out with the applications of the new members as well as planning their activities from time to time.

This Saturday afternoon, there were quite a few inquiries regarding memberships to the club. Dino was seated beside my sister and was privy to all the details about the requirements for membership as well as the cost. True to form, my son couldn’t contain himself any longer and started this gem of a conversation.

Dino: Tita Tina….

Tina: Yes Dino…

D: Parang gusto ko mag kendo! (I think I want to try kendo!)
Now for those who know my son, this is so classic Dino hahahaha

T: Sigurado ka? Baka hindi mo kaya. (Are you sure? It might be too hard for you.)

D: Kaya ko po!! (I can do it!)

T: Sige, tanong mo muna sa mommy mo. (OK, but ask your mom first.)

D: Magkano po ba? (How much would it cost?)
Obviously well trained by the father!

T: Around Php 3,500.00.

D: Sige po tatanong ko po. (Ok, I’ll ask my mom)

dramatic pause

Pero, alam ko na naman po ang sasabihin niya eh. (I think I know the answer I’ll get)

T: Ano? (What?)

D: Mahal po masyado. (It’s too expensive.)


Kasi po pag mga 100 or 150 mahal na po sa kanila eh (Anything around 100 or 150 is expensive for them already.)

**suddenly grinning**

Pero tatanong ko pa din po, tatawagan ko po kayo mamaya. (But I’ll ask anyway, I’ll give you a call tonight!)

T: **Uncontrollable laughter**

End of humiliation

Hay naku…….anak ko talaga!!

3 Responses to “Ay…mahal”

  1. dops says:

    nice sigurong magkaroon ng anak, no? hehehe…

    pero, i remmebr one joke…sabi:

    ang anak nung bata pa, pag natutong magsalita…ang saya-saya ng mga magulang…

    pag malaki na bata at nagsalita…galit na galit ang mga magulang at di na pinagsasalita ang bata…

    hehehe…which istrue sometimes…hahahaha…

  2. Bimbo Isidro says:

    true true….hahahahaha….
    pag tagal tagal yung magulang na pinatatahimik nung anak hehe


    bisita ka lang ulit!!


  3. warren says:

    well,eh kasi bata…talagang inosente pa,heehehehe…


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