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Side Aid at the Aliw

Side Aid

Last night, we watched Side Aid, a benefit concert featuring Side A for PAGES (Philippine American Group(?) of Educators and Surgeons) foundation. Now PAGES has been coming to the country for the past 17 years helping Filipino children suffering from cleft pallates.

My sister was one of the guests and she called me up and asked me if I wanted to watch it, then she mentioned Basil Valdez and it was an immediate no brainer.

The show in itself was ok, thought the sound system was terrible, which dumbfounded me because Rene Cruz od EFX was personally handling the system, anyway that’s for another day. Side A was their usual self, same songs, same routine but same crowd reaction, amazing really, after all these years these guys are still truly a major draw, just ask my wife, she refuses to watch any other band but them.

Rachelle Ann Go was good in her belter ways except when she snagged a few of the really high notes of her opening number. Agot, was well, Agot hehe. Still carrying herself majestically on stage. With a much more powerful voice now since she’s been doing stage for the past coupl of years. In all honesty? She needs practice ;).

Basil at Aliw
Basil at Aliw (pathetic photo)

Basil was really something else. The last time I caught Basil was in a show in Mandarin Oriental’s Captains Bar. His voice then was rather shaky and unsure, which I really didn’t mind since we were watching a legend. But last night, it was vintage Basil Valdez, hitting the high notes on Ngayon at Kailanman, Kastilyong Buhangin plus doing a duet with Agot of 2 songs near and dear to every original Metro Pop fan, the Bambi Bonus/Richard Tann opus “Kailangan Ko, Kailangan Mo” and the every popular “Umagang Kay Ganda” by Tillie Moreno and Ray-An Fuentes.

That in itself was worth the trouble of going through traffic.

Safe to say, Basil’s back.

Woot woot!

Dino and Dad
Me and Dino inside the Aliw theater

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