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Care for the Rubber of your Vespa

Our scoots have rubber all over….cowls, glovebox, kickstart, floor strips, grips, brake pedal, and tires. These rubber parts accumulate dirt and turn brittle in time, especially the scoots that are used as regular commuters.

For the rubber parts aside from the tires, I recommend cleaning them regularly, especially those who have white rubbers (once a month or every quarter is ok na, once a week is a bit OC Grin) with a multi-purpose cleaning chemical, ideally water-based. An old toothbrush will do as a cleaning tool and a towel for wiping the suds.

With spray bottle containing the cleaning agent, spray on the toothbrush and start brushing in circular motion. Instantly, suds will appear on the area being cleaned. We need the towel to wipe this off as we don’t want the dirt to start dripping all over. The towel is also a way to gauge on how clean the rubber is. Take the black rubbers for instance, how will we know that they are already clean? The dirt we get by the towel will be the indicator. Initially we will get a dark and dirty stain on the towel, then as we go along cleaning and wiping at the same time, the stains will gradually lighten and eventually we can’t lift a dirt anymore….meaning the rubber is already clean. I have experienced some cleaners before basta madaanan lang ng basahan yung rubber, malinis na! Angry So the towel tell no tall tales Grin

Now we have clean rubbers! Good! Next step will be to apply rubber treatment and dressing. This will help keep our rubbers in a flexible state and protect it from getting brittle. At the same time giving the rubber a nice finish to it (not glossy and slimy like tire black).

As for our tires, a good scrub with soap will always do the trick. We all want deep black tires just like when we first bought them right? No gloss or shine…just deep black natural rubber. ABSOLUTELY NO TIRE BLACK for motorcycles and scooters Grin

OT (since we are tackling rubber):
To you guys out there who have their cars washed in your neighborhood carwash, try to tell the cleaners not to put tire black. This will prove to you how good or how bad they clean the tires. Most of them just scrub a little then put tire black immediately to hide the dirt, so less work on their part…”trabahong -tamad!!!”

The tips I shared above are just simple DIY methods on how to care for the rubbers of our Vespas. A little cleaning every now and then will reap rewards in helping maintain our rides in immaculate shape.

Article by Macky Ochoa

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  1. joneighbors says:

    sir where can i buy rubber treatments or what is a good brand for that

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